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Steven Ridley’s 2018 NFL Mock Draft

With the second pick of the 2018 Steven Ridley Mock Draft, the New York Football Giants select:

Sam Darnold; Quarterback from the University of South California.

Most mocks have the Giants potentially either trading this spot to the Bills or nabbing a Quarterback. Considering we have witnessed Eli Manning being benched in the 2017 season, it is very likely that his successor will be addressed here. On that note, passing the torch to someone like Sam Darnold is not too shabby either. Sans his very unusual throwing motion and his turnover prone issues, Sam Darnold is exactly what the Giants need at the Quarterback position. Best of all, Darnold can sit back and watch a Hall of Famer in Manning show him the ropes equivalent to Josh Allen. The difference though between Allen and Darnold is that Darnold is a way more efficient and accurate passer now whereas Allen is a more loose cannon of a gun slinger. That being said, should Pat Shumur believe Manning is still under performing, placing someone like Darnold into the fire will not be as bad as some make it to believe. Yes, the case of “fumblitis” and a throwing motion that makes Tim Tebow’s look like Tom Brady’s is something of a concern should that indeed happen too early but the reward in what Darnold can do far outweighs the risks.

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