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Steven Ridley’s 2018 NFL Mock Draft

With the thirteenth overall pick in the 2018 Steven Ridley NFL Mock Draft, the Washington Redskins select:

Vita Vea; Defensive Lineman from the University of Washington.

Ziggy Hood is a name that many, if not all Steelers fans dread. While he was not bad durng his tenure here, he was not good either. Continuing his career in Washington was the best move for him as he extended said career. However, approaching the wrong side of 30 while entering a draft class with a very deep and talented interior defensive lineman class will change all that. Enter Vita Vea; the immovable object. With the grace of a dancing bear but the power of a bulldozer, opposing offensive lineman will not enjoy going up against this 350 lbs. behemoth; namely the NFC East group of lineman. However, having just a mere “nose tackle” going this high is asinine. Vea also can play the role of a 3-4 defensive end and is by far the most scheme versatile defensive lineman in the draft. He can play in a one gap or two gap system. Namely though, his most effective usage will be in a two gap system where Zach Brown and Mason Foster can roam free into the backfield without having to worry about meeting any interior offensive lineman resistance. Once considered a weakness now becomes Washinghton’s most effective defensive weapon heading into 2018 in the run defense.

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A Canadian loving gamer and analytical American Football fan; Steven has turned to the Black 'n Gold since the days of seeing Troy Amuna Polamalu way back in 2008. Since then, he has been getting more engaged with the sport. In addition of studying the aspects of the game, college prospect scouting is one of his favorite pastimes.