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Steven Ridley’s 2018 NFL Mock Draft

With the thirty-second and final selection in the 2018 Steven Ridley NFL Mock Draft, the Philidelphia Eagles select:

D.J. Moore; Wide Receiver from the University of Maryland.

Every offense needs to have that deep, vertical threat to take the top off of a defense. More importantly though, offenses with Quarterback’s like Carson Wentz or Cam Newton need to have these players as it allows them to maxamize their own potential in addition to the offenses. While Calvin Ridley is the draft classes best route runner, Courtland Sutton being the best overall boundary receiver and D.J. Chark being the best deep threat, D.J> Moore stands out as having the greatest potential among all of them. He is fast enough to to considered a deep threat, runs smooth routes and is strong enough to box out receivers when contesting catches. The issue lies in the fact that he does not entirely have a defining trait yet. He does not know the entire route tree, is not overly physical when contesting catches like you would want him to and is not as explosive. Furthermore, he has not yet fully developed a feel for balance when catching in space and using his body balance either. That all being said, being at the young age of almost 22, he will have plenty of time to learn from not just Alshon Jeffery but Carson Wentz as well.

There you have it fellow readers! Thirty-two picks to usher in the next generation of possible NFL stars to solid football players. Keep in mind that, like every year, the draft is very unpredictable and this year will most certainly be no different. Teams will often select for what they need to having the best player available on the board whenever they are up for their pick. Whether it will turn out right or not will entirely depend on both the coaching staff and the player himself. Time will tell as the only true way you know if you drafted the correct guys is if they win you championships.

As always and again, thank you for reading and I hoped you enjoyed. Until next time, take care as draft day rapidly approaches!

About Steven Ridley

A Canadian loving gamer and analytical American Football fan; Steven has turned to the Black 'n Gold since the days of seeing Troy Amuna Polamalu way back in 2008. Since then, he has been getting more engaged with the sport. In addition of studying the aspects of the game, college prospect scouting is one of his favorite pastimes.
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    strength in the world means very little if your accuracy is not very good. Knowing this however is why Josh Allen is the number one pick as Dorsey is using 2018 as a redshirt year for Allen to learn the do’s and do not’s of the NFL. Once 2019 is here is where Dorsey and the Browns will hopefully see the fruition of a year’s worth of experience.

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    Once 2019 is here is where Dorsey and the Browns will hopefully see the fruition of a year’s worth of experience.

  • Bawb the Revelator

    IF – AND IT’S A BIG “IF” – Mason Rudolph has a big day versus Baltimore the Steelers may have found theit franchise QB and it isn’t KP8. Mason’s been a hard luck guy since he was deafted and Ben was “insulted.” Ben is no rocket scientist but his physical gifts, history and hope combined to make Rudolph an afterthought for years.. Staing ready to play plus maturity may have combined to make MASON THE successor to Ben the Steelers truly need. If so, it settles a big question for the Pittsburgh Steelers.