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[Videos] Ravens Tipped Off Colts; Bettis Can Tell PSI By Touch

Here’s a couple videos centering around the latest cheating scandal involving the New England Deflatriots, err..I mean Patriots.


The first video is Fox Sports reporter Jay Glazer discussing the latest on the story earlier this evening. According to Glazer, the Colts were tipped off about the under-inflated balls prior to the game by someone from the Baltimore Ravens. The refs were notified about a suspicious game ball after an interception during last weekend’s game, but the league had already planned to test all the balls at half time.

The next video is from ESPN earlier today. Jerome Bettis and Mark Brunell are given footballs of various pressures to see if they can tell if they’re too high, too low or just right. At the end of the video The Bus says that under-inflated balls can give a running back a huge advantage due to how much easier they are to hold on to. Food for thought.

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