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Coach Tomlin Press Conference Notes 11/27/12

The presser started with a quick review of Sunday’s performance. Coach T said it was a failure and still looked that way yesterday on tape. ‘Very rarely do you lose a game and just be able to so clearly point to a few areas of failure being the reason why you lost.’ Tomlin said there were two main reasons for the failure: turning the ball over and being highly penalized on offense.

“Very rarely are there such extreme failures in those areas.” 

‘Penalties quelled drives and took away positive field position throughout the game.’

Tomlin chiefly accepts responsiblily for lack of ball security. Quality and physical play by Browns and poor ball security/mechanics by us “created a perfect storm”. ‘Looking back at it on tape it’s amazing that we lost by only 6 points.’ Said they’re going to get back to fundamentals this week and focus on some things that are “us oriented.”


Cotchery ran yesterday and will participate partially tomorrow with an eye towards playing.

Ben threw the ball yesterday. He’ll take steps maybe toward playing this week and we’ll leave the door open for him.

Adams has an ankle sprain and is out. Kelvin Beachum will replace him.
Colon looks a lot better and may need a day or two early in the week. He has a strong chance of playing.

Leftwich threw yesterday. We’ll continue to take a look at him and see about his availability

To be clear– Batch is the QB right now and they’ll put together a plan to cater to his strengths. They’ll see where the other guys are later in the week and let their participation guide them towards playing.

Woodley is doubtful with ankle sprain.

Worilds will replace him if necessary and did a solid job on Sunday in relief.

Brown will practice tomorrow and be scheduled to play Sunday.

Troy will practice tomorrow with a possibility towards playing. Encouraged by his status.

Talked about the Ravens and gave usual praise about what they are capable of…they find ways to win and that’s what winning teams do…and what we need to do.

We can’t shoot our selves in the foot…We can’t turn the ball over…We can’t be penalized. With Beachum in there at tackle, we need to do a good job schematically to help him protect the passer, particularly at 3rd down. Need to play to our strengths, minimizing our weaknesses and not shoot ourselves in the foot.

On Ben’s throwing and status:
I Didn’t learn much, didn’t view Ben’s throwing. It was a step in the right direction and we’ll continue with those steps throughout the week

On who will be the starting Running Back:
Dwyer will start for us at running back. He’s been consistently the most productive guy. We’ve got a large enough body of work to identify that at this point.

He A) is healthy B) most productive of the group. He’ll start and get the bulk of the carries, and other guys will supplement.

On fumbling:
Fumbling is unacceptable. That’s why we did what we did last week. It has no bearing on what we might do this week.

On DeCastro being ready, and Gilbert’s going to IR:
We gave Gilbert 6-7 weeks for ankle to perk up, but it didn’t. Surgery is a strong option. DeCastro is healthy enough to proceed. We’ll continue to work him in practice and see what he’s capable of doing.

On possibility to move Foster to Tackle:
It is potentially an option. We feel Beachum is the best option right now, but Ramon is going to have to be tackle capable. He could be the 3rd tackle as we sit here right now.

On Mike Wallace’s performance:
Mike was frustrated and rightfully so. He’s not producing in the manner that he’d like to and that we’d like him to.

Have you seen anything less than 100% effort from him?

On what determines who will start- Mike Wallace or Sanders

On Ben playing if he’s not actually ready-
He’s not going to be allowed to play unless he shows that he’s capable.

On Hoyer:
Doing a nice job of picking up the playbook. Right now can be described as an emergency guy.

On what he’s seen in Charlie Batch:
His body of work, not only on practice field and camp, but his body of work since he’s been here. He wasn’t alone on sunday in not providing a winning type performance.

On accepting responsibility for ball security:
Inside arm carrying and not double arm wrapping, situational rules we live by are not being relayed strongly enough because it’s not being done. Ultimately coaches are responsible for that and Tomlin isn’t going to run from that.

On Beachum:
represented himself very well

On Plaxico Burress:
provided a shot in the arm at the end of the first half. Targeted the red area as a place to utilize him. We’ll continue to teach him what we do and there’s a chance his role be expanding outside of that area and it should.

If Rainey was injured Sunday:
He’s OK. He was just seeking comfort.

You can listen to the full interview audio here:

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