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Cam Heyward Fined For Honoring Late Father

Cam Heyward says he was fined for wearing an eye black tribute to his late father, “Iron Head” Heyward.

Craig Heyward died after a short battle with brain cancer in 2006. He was only 39. During his 11 year NFL career, he rushed for a total of 4,310 yards.

The fine for uniform violations of that type is $5,787 for the first violation. Heyward intends to appeal the fine according to ESPN.

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  • Boinnie Barnes

    Was it the reception on my TV in Virginia or was it Berfict coming in late and “kneeing” Ben in the shoulder. Also, if Coach T had gone for the extra point insead of 2-point conversion we would have at least had that one point and wouldn’t have had the insanity at the end of the game to get a field goal! Just saying!