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[Video] Michael Vick Speaks To Local Media

Newly signed quarterback Michael Vick has undoubtedly taken over your timeline, message board discussion, Twitter feed and whatever else over the past 24 hours. It was no different for the Steelers locker room today when reporters swarmed to get a chance to speak with Vick.

The veteran quarterback spoke with the gaggle of media for about 13 minutes this afternoon answering questions about becoming a Steeler, how he sleeps at night, his thoughts on the offense, and answered several questions on a variety of topics.

Some quick hitters from the interview-

He said Tomlin and he go way back. Called coach Tomlin a phenomenal man and said he always went to his football camps.

Called it an honor to sit back and watch future hall of famer Ben Roethlisberger work.

Vick said Landry Jones has been helping him all morning with the playbook. Jones is his neighbor in the locker room. The other side is Ramon Foster.

Vick says everybody’s different when they’re 20 compared to 35, and he wants people to look at the right he’s trying to do. He also said he realizes that some people still feel a certain way about what happened, but he just tries to stay positive and keep building on what he’s built for the past five years. You can watch most of the interview below in 2 segments.

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