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Defense Rests In Mike Adams Stabbing Trial

According to multiple media outlets, the defense has rested their case in the stabbing trial of Mike Adams. Kevin Colbert, who was subpoenaed by defense attorneys, did not have to testify in the courtroom. Instead, according to the Tribune, part of Mike Adams’ contract was introduced as evidence.

While Colbert did not testify, the Steelers head of security Jack Kearney did. Kearney, who is also an Allegheny County sheriff’s lieutenant, testified earlier in the trial that he retrieved Mike Adams’ truck the morning after the stabbing, and brought it to the Steelers facilities. Inside, Kearney said there was a soda and half of a sandwich, which would seem to corroborate part of Mike Adams’ story.

Attorneys for the defendants Dquay Means, Michael Paranay and Jerrell Whitlock were said to be mulling the decision to summon an employee from the restaurant next to the crime scene, to testify about their surveillance cameras. Yesterday, Homicide Detective Robert Shaw testified that there was no usable footage from the restaurant’s surveillance system.

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