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Kevin Colbert Subpoenaed In Mike Adams Stabbing Trial

Defense attorneys for the alleged attackers of Mike Adams have subpoenaed Steelers general manager Kevin Colbert. Alan Jennings of WPXI reported the news via Twitter this afternoon.

Apparently, defense attorneys want to see Mike Adams’ personnel file, in hopes that something within the file will harm the victim’s character. Attorneys previously claimed that Adams wasn’t being truthful, and that he “instigated” the attackers. Jerrell Whitlock, Dquay Means, and Michael Paranay were all charged with attempted homicide last year, on top of other charges.

The attack occurred last June, which led to Mike Adams needing surgery to repair a lacerated colon. He needed 33 staples in his stomach, but made a full recovery.

It remains to be seen whether or not the judge will allow any personnel files into evidence. During the pretrial, the judge seemed concerned about protecting the victim’s rights. Thanks for stopping by, and thanks for sharing on the interwebs.

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  • How’s that even relevant? Even if Adams was being an A-Hole (which most probably would be if someone was trying to steal their truck), it doesn’t get you off the hook for stabbing him.

    • TheSteelersFans

      Pretty ridiculous. Perhaps they hope to find evidence of dishonesty or fighting to try to get some of the charges reduced or dropped.