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Mike Tomlin Press Conference Notes 11/20/12

The presser started with Ravens game notes.


Cotchery –is out with multiple rib fractures.

Leftwich –is out with rib fractures.


Hood -Questionable with lumbar spine sprain expected to be limited.

Redman – Concussion. He’s testing well and ‘arrows pointing towards participation’. 

Brown –Ankle. Did good work today, but will be limited early in the week.

Gilbert –Limited and listed as questionable.

Troy -Will run tomorrow. He’ll be limited and his participation will lead us.

Ben -Doubtful with shoulder SC sprain. Had further tests today and all things were positive as to where he is.
Confirmed they brought in Hoyer and Kaska for QB workouts, as well as Burress and Williams at WR.

Said there’s potential to sign at least one at each position.

Tomlin went on to say that the men we acquire will fortify our depths. Doesn’t have more info for us, but that process is running it’s course.

Spent time highlighting Browns strengths.

About Plex: said he’s in good physically condition and is no stranger to football.

When asked how soon we need them on roster

‘The men here are the ones going to lead us to victory. These guys are just being added to fortify our roster.’

When asked if Cotchery and Leftwich’s injuries were season ending-

Tomlin said ‘no, I don’t believe that’s the case.’

When asked about Kaska-

Looking for guys who have earned their livings as backups. Obviously batch is going to get the bulk of snaps this week, and rightfully so. These two guys have reputations for football smart, intelligent people.

On Ben’s news:

Shoulder and rib are one in the same for Tomlin.

Will Gilbert step back in when he’s healthy?

‘He’s not healthy right now, so we’ll deal with that when we get to it.’

Dywer’s doing a good job. Need a good, solid contribution from all backs with helmets on.

On having a feature back:

“My preference would be a healthy, solidified feature runner. I don’t always get what I want.”

On Charlie:

Changes will be subtle in the game. They’ll be maximizing his strengths and minimizing his weaknesses. They’ve got a lot of confidence in Charlie.

On Leftwich:

Tomlin said he saw nothing on field, and heard nothing from Leftwich, to believe his starting QB was badly hurt. Sometimes you see, sometimes you don’t. Had no qualms on level of communication from all parties involved.

On Dixon:
‘Just talking about the guys we had here today. Not talking about why we didn’t have the ones we didn’t. That’s not fair to them.’

On Williams:
He’s a multi-talented guy who can help in a number areas. Still healthy.

Coach T said Brown being healthy potentially changes the opinion of needing to bring a WR this week, but he’s not at this point.

You can listen to the condensed audio here:

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