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Steven Ridley’s 2018 NFL Mock Draft

With the eleventh overall pick in the 2018 Steven Ridley NFL Mock Draft, the Miami Dolphins select:

Derwin James; Defensive Back from Florida State University.

I understand that losing the likes of Ndamukong Suh should automatically make the likes of Vita Vea the incumbent for this pick. However, given the fact that this is a very deep and talented interior defensive lineman draft with Reshad Jones being on the wrong side of 30, why not augment Miami with the most versatile defensive prospect in the class in Derwin James? While Jalen Ramsey was definitley a “once in a generation” type player, Derwin James is not too far behind. Dare I say it, Derwin’s ceiling just might be higher than Ramsey’s when he came out of college. While the likes of Tremaine Edmunds can play up to three different positions, Derwin can play up to five; Free Safety, Strong Safety, Left Cornerback, Right Cornerback, Slot Cornerback and “Will Linebacker.” Nevermind he can play those five but do so efficiently and sufficiently simultaneously. His best position, as stated, would be strong safety as ReShad Jones is on the “back nine” of his career. While James still does not possess the same level of explosive capabilites that many of us saw in 2016, this does not mean he is not worthy of a top 15 selection. Besides, I am certain that Adam Gase wants to have a tempo setting impact player who can match up with the likes of Rob Gronkowksi on a consistent basis.

About Steven Ridley

A Canadian loving gamer and analytical American Football fan; Steven has turned to the Black 'n Gold since the days of seeing Troy Amuna Polamalu way back in 2008. Since then, he has been getting more engaged with the sport. In addition of studying the aspects of the game, college prospect scouting is one of his favorite pastimes.
  • bigboss223a

    strength in the world means very little if your accuracy is not very good. Knowing this however is why Josh Allen is the number one pick as Dorsey is using 2018 as a redshirt year for Allen to learn the do’s and do not’s of the NFL. Once 2019 is here is where Dorsey and the Browns will hopefully see the fruition of a year’s worth of experience.

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    Once 2019 is here is where Dorsey and the Browns will hopefully see the fruition of a year’s worth of experience.

  • Bawb the Revelator

    IF – AND IT’S A BIG “IF” – Mason Rudolph has a big day versus Baltimore the Steelers may have found theit franchise QB and it isn’t KP8. Mason’s been a hard luck guy since he was deafted and Ben was “insulted.” Ben is no rocket scientist but his physical gifts, history and hope combined to make Rudolph an afterthought for years.. Staing ready to play plus maturity may have combined to make MASON THE successor to Ben the Steelers truly need. If so, it settles a big question for the Pittsburgh Steelers.