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No Charges For Maurkice Pouncey Today

I reported yesterday that some people close to the Pouncey case believed misdemeanor charges could be coming as soon as today against Maurkice Pouncey. According to Miami Herald reporter Adam Beasley, prosecutors will not be pressing charges today.

Beasley writes that police detectives have now met with Miami Dade prosecutors, and that they want to review all of the information before making a decision as to whether or not they’ll proceed with battery charges. According to Beasley, Miami police detectives feel that they have probable cause for a misdemeanor battery charge, but being that it isn’t a felony offense, the decision falls to the state’s attorney office.

Being that state prosecutors are the ultimate decision makers on the matter, and they’re just beginning to review the evidence and information in the case, I wouldn’t expect any charges to be brought forth against Maurkice Pouncey any time soon. Of course, they may in fact decide that there isn’t a case for battery at all. Time will tell.

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