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Accuser’s Lawyer Believes Maurkice Pouncey Will Be Charged With Battery

The lawyer for the three people who filed a civil suit against Maurkice Pouncey a couple weeks ago says that police have indicated to him that charges will be pressed against Maurkice Pouncey.

Personal injury attorney Marwan Porter says that he was briefed by the Miami Police about their intentions. Their lawyer also says that Maurkice will be the only one charged, and that charges could come as soon as tomorrow. Pouncey’s attorney doesn’t believe that could happen.  Attorney Jeff Ostrow told the Miami Herald that as far as he knew, an assistant state attorney hadn’t been assigned to review the evidence yet.

“Until such time, no charges can be formally filed against either of my clients,” Ostrow added. “From what we’ve discovered, the evidence supporting the battery claims is flimsy, at best.”

According to Ostrow, the defense has “many witnesses who are prepared to testify under sworn oath that neither Maurkice nor Mike had anything to do with the incident. Consequently, after the state reviews all the evidence, I find it highly unlikely that formal charges will be filed against either of the Pouncey brothers.”

While the Miami Police department wouldn’t say if charges would indeed be filed, multiple people close to the situation believe charges will be pressed according to the Herald. If he is in fact charged with the misdemeanor, he would not have to rush down to Florida to stand for the charges, but it certainly would complicate the civil suit, regardless of the outcome of the criminal charges.

Defense attorneys often like to get their cases in the newspaper, so this might just be another grab for publicity. Time will tell if there’s any truth to this report.

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