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Phase Two Of Steelers Offseason Program Is Underway

Phase two of the Steelers off-season workout program has gotten underway this week. There are plenty of familiar faces at the “voluntary” workouts, and a few that aren’t so familiar.

According to the collective bargaining agreement, phase two of the off-season program may last 3 weeks. The Steelers will carry out the second phase of their workouts until Memorial Day weekend.  The team will hold their rookie orientation next weekend, May 16-18th.

During this phase of the program, all members of the coaching staff are allowed to be on the field with the players. During the first phase, only strength and conditioning coaches were allowed on the field. While no “offense vs defense” type scrimmages or even 1 on 1 drills are allowed, coaches can run positional and individual drills with the players, as well as “perfect play” drills.

Quarterback Ben Roethlisberger said it felt good to get back on the field. “Today we threw, we did some organized stuff where we could actually have coaches on the field,” he told the crew on 97.3 the fan this morning.  “We’re only allowed 45 minutes, but we did do some no huddle plays just to get the verbiage back, and get the new guys learning some stuff. It felt really good to get out there and take some snaps from Pouncey.”

Coach Tomlin told reporters yesterday that Sean Spence had a clean bill of health, and Nick Williams had positive reviews in his rehabilitation, but couldn’t comment on their progress until they “hit the grass”. They are hitting the grass now. Granted, they won’t be participating in contact with pads for several weeks, but the coaching staff will be able to begin the process of evaluating their recoveries this week.


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