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Adam Podlesh Contract Appears To Have Been Without A Signing Bonus

The Steelers signed veteran punter Adam Podlesh last week. When they announced the signing, I mentioned that it would qualify for the veteran minimum benefit. I also opined that it may not have included a signing bonus, which appears to indeed be the case.

While the contract details have not been released yet, the NFLPA salary report shows a difference of $75,000- the lowest amount his contract could count towards the cap without a signing bonus. Due to the vet minimum benefit, his $855,000 salary only counts $570,000 towards the cap. After displacing a low $495,000 contract from the top 51, his signing only moves the cap needle by $75,000. Based on that data, the Steelers now have roughly $300,000 in salary cap space.

Podlesh signed a 5 year, $10 Mil deal with the Bears in 2011, but was released last month. The move saved the Bears $1.025 Mil. Since the signing appears to have not included a signing bonus, the Steelers can release him at any time without incurring any dead money. Thanks for stopping by, and as always, thanks for sharing on the web.

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