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Markus Wheaton Had Surgery To Clean Up His Pinky Recently

Kevin Colbert spoke about Markus Wheaton today at the NFL Scouting Combine, and revealed that Wheaton had a ‘clean up’ type surgery recently on his pinky. Wheaton broke his finger early in the season and missed several games, and ultimately required surgery to repair it.

About the most recent surgery, Colbert said, “It was just a follow-up procedure where he had further [work done] on the pinky. It was follow-up surgery to clean it up.” When asked if there was high expectations for him, the GM said, “Sure. You take a kid in the third round, you want him to produce, expect him to produce, and we hope that’s the case.”

I’m not sure who has higher expectations for the receiver, the Steelers front office or the fan base. Either way, his recent surgery must have been very recent, or was very minor, because he was out in California practicing with Moye, Brown, and Ben Roethlisberger just a couple weeks ago.

The Steelers have a great track record in recent drafts when it comes to hitting on mid round wide receivers. Hopefully Wheaton keeps that record going in 2014.

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