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Ben Roethlisberger Getting Head Start On Chemistry With Moye, Wheaton

Big Ben is already getting some early work in with his young receiving corps. Both Derek Moye and Markus Wheaton are getting reps with Ben out in Orange County, California. Specifically, I would imagine they’re in Irvine, CA, as that’s where Ben’s representation agency is located. Photographers and videographers are on site, and the workouts are in conjunction with Rep1Sports, so Irvine is a safe assumption, though other agencies have players there, so anywhere in Orange County is a possibility I suppose.

If you follow my Twitter account (@TheSteelersFans) or visit the site often, you’ll likely have seen these tweets from yesterday and today.



Nestler and other coaches were on the scene yesterday to participate in the workouts. Markus Wheaton, Derek Moye, and other draft prospects who are training for the combine were there as well. UCLA WR Shaq Evans is one receiver who I know to be signed with that agency, so perhaps he was there. Coincidentally, Blake Bortles who draws Big Ben comparisons, is represented by them, too. Who else might be there would just be a guess.

The news of Moye and Wheaton getting early reps with with Ben should come as a nice surprise. This extra time should pay dividends in the spring, summer, and hopefully the fall.


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