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[Audio] Merril Hoge Thinks Johnny Manziel Is Just The Worst

Former Steelers running back and longtime ESPN analyst Merril Hoge was on the WDVE morning show today sharing his thoughts on Johnny Manziel. Let’s just say Hogey doesn’t think very highly of Johnny Football.

“He has no business being on that field right now,” said Hoge. He added, “the guy has no business playing. If they put him on the field, quite honestly it’s jeopardizing their chances of winning.” Hoge’s interview was a little over 13 minutes, and almost all of it was criticism of the Browns quarterback.

“I haven’t seen as elementary [sic] packages for a guy in preseason in a long time…and he can’t execute them,” said Hoge. “You would be blown away by his, I call it playing dumb, that he doesn’t know…he either doesn’t know, or he can’t trust his arm, because he doesn’t have a big arm.”

He continued, “People talk about his big arm- I don’t know where that came from, because to throw a 20 yard route, it takes everything he’s got to get that ball out.” Basically, Hoge thinks that Manziel is just about the worst QB in the league right now. “He doesn’t understand concepts, he doesn’t understand just [sic] structure of an offense. Anything that you do defensively, especially with a lot of movement- no idea. Absolutely none whatsoever.”

Somewhere during his call, he calls Manziel a “juvenile punk”. Have a listen below.

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