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Markus Wheaton Had Surgery On Broken Pinky

Markus Wheaton had surgery on his broken pinky finger Tuesday, according to Coach Tomlin. The rookie wide receiver broke the pinky during the loss to the Vikings last Sunday. In regards to the surgery, Mike Tomlin said it “looks to be good”. Tomlin said that they’ll have to wait for the stitches to come out before they can determine his availability. “Of course, it will be a number of days before that’s able to transpire”.

Whether or not Wheaton will be able to participate in the Jets game on the 13th is up in the air. The team utilized him dramatically more last week than in the prior three weeks. He saw 45.6% of the snaps against the Vikings, versus 7.5%, 8.6%, and 12% of the snaps from the first three games.

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