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Ryan Clark: ‘Wheaton Is Better Than Wallace’

Ryan Clark was on The Fan earlier today discussing his desire to finish his career as a Steeler, the difference that Troy makes, how talented Shamarko Thomas is, and replacing James Harrison. In the middle of all that, he reveals his enthusiasm for Markus Wheaton and his optimism for this season.

“I’m going to say something here about the Mike Wallace thing…Markus Wheaton, and you can take this how you want…Markus Wheaton is better than Michael Wallace at everything but one thing. Speed. That’s it. He does everything else better…as far as route running, he’s more polished. I think he has better hands…I think he’s ready to step in and play.”, said Clark.

He goes on to say how getting the backs healthy and adding LaRod Stephens-Howling will compensate for losing Rashard Mendenhall. “We had Mendy, we didn’t have Mendenhall. We only had half a guy”, Clark said jokingly.

You can listen below:



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