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[Audio] Mike Tomlin On Today’s Win And Injuries

Coach Tomlin addressed the media after today’s win against the Green Bay Packers. He spoke about the injuries in today’s game and talked briefly about how the team played. Here is a transcript.

“It feels good to make the necessary plays, especially at home. The game was not perfect by any stretch. We stopped ourselves on offense early in the game and had a pre-snap penalty at midfield, but we overcame that. We also had an offensive pass interference penalty. Defensively, we warmed up to it, which we can’t afford to do. However, I thought they performed above the line once they settled in.

“Probably a significant element of the game that created adversity for us were those two turnovers, one late in the second quarter and the other early in the third quarter. We can’t have those happen. I think Green Bay got 10 points off of those turnovers and it created an atmosphere we had to overcome. Thankfully, we did. We had good energy and teamwork in the stadium today.

“On the injury front, Maurkice Pouncey has an ankle injury and we’ve evaluated it. It’s probably going to be surgical, but I don’t know the length of time he will be out. We will analyze that after he has the procedure done. Stephon Tuitt has an ankle injury, which appears to be just your classic ankle injury. He will be out a couple of weeks, or so. Also, Bruce Gradkowski had a finger injury. Other than that, we just had the normal bumps and bruises.

“I’m sure the next time we get together, I will be able to get you an update on the status of Pouncey. It’s part of the game and we don’t overanalyze it. It’s as much a part of the game as blocking or tackling. We will make the necessary adjustments and I expect the ball to keep rolling, because that’s the business we are in.”

Here is the audio:

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