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Mike Tomlin Post-Game Press Conference Notes

Mike Tomlin addressed the media after the loss to the Giants tonight, and here are summarized key points~

Coach Tomlin started by saying it was not an acceptable performance on a lot of levels. ‘Some really good efforts. Some positive, some negative…a lot to look at and learn from. We did some good things, particularly in the run game. Winning the line of scrimmage and running the ball consistently and efficiently. Just too many mistakes, penalties getting us behind the chains offensively. We gave them 30 yards in free real estate in the 2 minute drive prior to the half- that’s self inflicted wounds- and then obviously we have some poor judgment in the return game. From a kicking standpoint we got a punt blocked. We’ve got some young guys maybe in some instances being  overly aggressive and trying to impress. We’ll learn form this and move forward. It needs to improve and our focus will be putting together a winning performance for next week.’

‘On the injury front, we got through it relatively clean. ‘Stenvenson Sylvestor has an ankle. I don’t know the severity of it. I did see him walking in there, but we’ll see how he is.’ ‘Other guys have normal bumps and bruises.’ ‘It was my decision not to play Bell. He worked in a limited capacity late last week. Watched him in practice Friday and didn’t see enough to feel comfortable for him to start his career in less than ideal circumstances from a health standpoint. He’ll be back on the field the next day we practice.’

What was the story of the game for you?

‘Just the errors. Steelers defeating Steelers.’ Don’t get me wrong, sometimes it can be characterized as part of August football, but I’m not buying that…’

Anything you can do other than get healthy in regards to Tight Ends?

Just that and continue to work with the men that we’re working with. I’m not going to discount the guys that are working…we got quality work from David Paulson and others tonight. We’ve got guys down at the position we need to get back and we will when they’re healthy. In the meantime, we’ll focus on the ones that are working…that’s just football in the NFL.’

Any update on Spaeth?

‘I know he got a surgery preformed, as far as a timeline, I haven’t been privy to that information, but I’ll get an update within the next 24 hours…’

On draft picks taking time to develop historically. Will they’ll be pressed into action sooner this year?

‘They won’t be pressed. If they’re ready and capable to help, we’ll utilize them. If they’re not we won’t…’

On Jarvis Jones and Wheaton

‘Saw some positive things. We’re going to comb through it. We’re going to continue to challenge those guys to continue to improve… Nice start for those guys, but they need to continue to grow.’

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