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Steelers Receive 6th Round Compensatory Pick

The NFL has announced the compensatory draft picks for 2015, and the Steelers have picked up an extra pick in the 7th 6th round. I expected the team to net at least a 6th round pick, but ultimately they’ll receive the 252nd pick as compensation for their net loss of free agents last offseason. *Edit- The NFL notified the Steelers that they will receive a 6th round comp. pick, not a 7th.

The Steelers were one of 14 teams to receive a comp pick. The Chiefs, Broncos, and Seahawks were the biggest winners, each receiving 4 extra picks. Here is the full (updated) list of 2015 compensatory picks.

Kansas City Chiefs: 3rd round (98), 5th round (172), 5th round (173), 6th round (217)

Denver Broncos: 4th round (133), 7th round (250), 7th round (251)

Seattle Seahawks: 4th round (134), 5th round (170), 6th round (209), 6th round (214)

Baltimore Ravens: 4th round (136), 5th round (171), 5th round (175)

Houston Texans: 5th round (174), 6th round (211), 6th round (216)

New England Patriots: 3rd round (97), 7th round (253)

Cincinnati Bengals: 3rd round (99), 4th round (135)

San Francisco 49ers: 4th round (132), 7th round (254)

Carolina Panthers: 5th round (169), 5th round (174)

Green Bay Packers: 6th round (210), 6th round (213)

St. Louis Rams: 6th round (215)

Pittsburgh Steelers: 6th round (212),

Indianapolis Colts: 7th round (255)

Arizona Cardinals: 7th round (256)

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