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Rooney: We’ll Remain A 3-4 Under Butler

Steelers president Art Rooney II spoke with local media today about the state of the team, and made one thing perfectly clear: the Steelers will remain a 3-4 defense under Keith Butler.

Many fans hoped or expected the defensive scheme to change when Dick LeBeau stepped away, but as Butler indicated last week, and Rooney confirms this morning, the team will remain a 3-4 defense.

“I don’t see any dramatic changes to the design of the defense,” said Rooney. This shouldn’t be a surprise. Surely Butler will put his stamp on the defense, but after coaching under LeBeau for so long, very little change should be expected.

Art II said that improving the defense during the offseason is a priority, but praised the unit for improving throughout last season. “All things considered, and with some of the personnel changes that we went through, over the course of the season they got better and that’s what you strive to do.”

When asked about former defensive coordinator Dick LeBeau, Rooney said he was sorry to see him go. “It was a difficult situation,” said Rooney via Kaboly of the Trib. “Personally, I would’ve loved to see Dick stay. Look, Dick made a decision. The words he used to describe what he wanted to do were his words. I am not going to dispute that. Those were the words he used”

“I was sorry to see Dick go, but as we all know, these things happen in this business,” he added.


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  • Yup.Kind of expected there would be little change after Butler taking over