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Troy Polamalu Will Start Tonight

Throughout the week, there has been much speculation regarding Troy Polamalu’s availability for the Ravens game, and whether he should start tonight even if healthy. Some of that speculation was incited by Coach Tomlin earlier this week, when he was non-committal when asked about playing a healthy Polamalu.

Tomlin put the question to rest today. “Yes he does,” said Tomlin when asked if Polamalu will start. Tomlin added that it’s not a difficult decision when Troy is the subject. He also explained why he was non-committal about Troy earlier in the week.  “I needed to see him prepare. Sometimes a guy is able to play at the 11th hour and they don’t get the in-helmet preparation over the course of the work week.

“When you get to January football and the stakes are high, detail is going to define you. Not only him but us, and you need that in-helmet preparation to do it. He was able to practice this week, and so that made the decision easier. Had he not been able to practice this week, that’s an element of the discussion that makes it more complex. That’s what I was referring to earlier in the week.”

Troy practiced last week, but was inactive on gameday. If Polamalu does indeed start tonight, it will be the 15th time he’s done so in the post-season.

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