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[Gif] Johnny Manziel Gives The Redskins The Finger

Rookie quarterback Johnny Manziel added a little Johnny Football class to Monday Night Football tonight. While the cameras were fixed on the Browns QB, Manziel flips the bird to the Redskins sideline. Here’s a gif.

It’s unknown exactly what prompted the sideline salute, but many might view it as improvement over his trademark cash gesture. Perhaps he thought he saw Dan Snyder on the sideline. Kidding aside, no flag was thrown, but the league will surely be sending a fine Johnny’s way. The first time fine for profanity (towards fans officials or other teams) or unsportsmanlike conduct is $11,025.

During the post game press conference (the Browns lost), Manziel was asked about the inappropriate gesture. “I get words exchanged with me throughout the entirety of the game, game after game … I need to be smarter than that,” he said. He added, “I should’ve been smarter. It was a Monday Night Football game – the cameras were probably solidly on me.”

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