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Pouncey’s Lawyer: “Accuser Is An Opportunist”

The man who accused Mike and Maurkice Pouncey of assaulting him in a Miami nightclub Friday night has announced that he intends to sue. Riquan James and two women hired an attorney, Marwan Porter Esq., who held a press conference earlier today to talk to the media about their plans to sue the Pouncey twins. “It will include claims for intentional infliction of emotional stress. This has been very traumatic for my clients and things of that nature,” said Porter in the press conference.

Oddly enough, the alleged victims haven’t been very talkative to the police according to the Miami Herald. Neither the accusers nor a witness have gone in to make a statement since night of incident.

“We need them to come forward and speak to investigators,” said Sgt. Bobby Hernandez, a Miami Beach police spokesman. “We’ve been anxiously awaiting that since they made the allegations on Saturday.”

Pouncey’s attorney Jeff Ostrow released a statement about the allegations tonight.

“Mike and Maurkice were not involved in any altercation with the accuser or anyone else that night and did nothing wrong,” Ostrow wrote. “It appears that the accuser is an opportunist seeking attention and possible financial gain. Any attempt by the accuser or anyone else to bring an action against them based upon these false allegations will be vigorously defended. If the accuser continues to perpetuate these lies, we will bring an action against him.”

The accuser has said he’s not after money or attention, but he’s not exactly making a good case for that. The press conference today was just an announcement, no actual suit has been filed yet. No criminal charges have been pressed, either.


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