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Ike Taylor Reports To OTA’s And Other Tuesday News

Ike Taylor has arrived to OTA’s according to various media reports from the practice facility. It’s not uncommon for Ike to arrive after the training activities are well underway. Taylor, who is coming into his 12th NFL season, has been working more on explosiveness in his offseason training.

The veteran cornerback typically spends much of his offseason training with renowned sports trainer Tom Shaw down in Florida. “I am working more on explosiveness,” said Taylor via the Steelers website. “Coach Shaw has gone back to the old school New Orleans workouts, you have to pass out before you come and talk to him. We drink the water, but we are going all the way in. I have been at my best when we had that mindset in the offseason. I said coach put me to the breaking point.”

Back to OTA’s, Dri Archer is also back to practice after missing most of last week due to the NFLPA Premier event. As I mentioned last week, his absence was mandatory. Most rookies would rather be with their team during that time.

Quarterback Ben Roethlisberger is absent today from OTA’s, reportedly due to a family matter which required his attention. Troy Polamalu and Jordan Zumwalt are the other two players who are absent. Zumwalt will not be back with the team until after UCLA’s finals conclude. He’ll be back again when minicamp convenes.

Jason Worilds and Nick Williams are rehabbing today according to Scout.com writer Jim Wexell. Williams for his knee, and Worilds for his leg that he hurt a week ago. According to Worilds at the time, it was just cramping. According to a beat reporter at the scene, it looked like a hamstring injury. Clearly it wasn’t just cramping.

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