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Jordan Zumwalt- On The Outside Looking In

Former UCLA inside linebacker, and Steelers 6th round draft pick, Jordan Zumwalt is facing a long road to make the Steelers 53 man roster this September. That’s not really what this article is about, though. Zumwalt, a pick many fans didn’t like because of the seemingly abundant depth at inside linebacker, has been lining up at outside linebacker this weekend in minicamp.

A local reporter affirmatively stated that Zumwalt will play outside linebacker, and a lot of folks ran with that, but the rookie linebacker doesn’t even know where he’ll end up.

When asked where he’ll play, the UCLA standout told media he wasn’t sure. “I have no idea yet,” Zumwalt said. “I’m literally doing what they’re telling me to do.” He acknowledged that inside was still likely in his cards.”I will go wherever they want me to,” Zumwalt said yesterday. “They told me to make sure I am paying attention to the inside stuff, too, because I am definitely going to be playing there. So I assume I’m going to be swinging all over the place.”

The 22 year old played mostly inside linebacker in UCLA’s 3-4 defense, but showed lots of versatility. Over the course of his 30 career starts, Zumwalt proved he was comfortable dropping into coverage or blitzing.

While he’ll need to cut his teeth on special teams if he hopes to make the squad, position flexibility is obviously a plus. “I feel like I’m a versatile guy and I actually really appreciate that opportunity. I’m really grateful for it. Learning all the different spots is difficult, but I’m working for it 100 percent,” Zumwalt said. 

“I really plan on being a big special-teams guy here if coach gives me the opportunity,” Zumwalt added. “I’d love to be on every special team if I get the chance.”

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