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Compensatory Pick Projector Predicts Steelers 2014 Comp Picks

There has been much debate, speculation, and discussion about the Steelers 2014 compensatory draft picks during the last few months. Like many things Steelers draft related, you’ll find a variety of differing opinions. I broke down the compensatory draft picks, and made my own comp pick projections a few weeks back. My prediction remains unchanged.

Craig Turner, who has been proven to be pretty accurate in the past, has released his compensatory predictions for every team. Turner has the Steelers receiving 3 compensatory picks. A third for WR Mike Wallace, a fifth for DB Keenan Lewis, and a seventh for S Ryan Mundy.

In my earlier article, I predicted a third for Wallace, and a fifth for Lewis, so we’re of the same mind there. I do not believe the loss of Ryan Mundy will garner a 7th round pick, though. His contract falls below the qualifying range in my opinion. I could be wrong, and hope I am obviously. Still, gaining a third and a fifth is extremely valuable- this year especially.

No one outside the league office really knows the formula the NFL uses, but it’s not impossible to predict somewhat accurately based on data from previous years.


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