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Steelers Training Camp- Day 3 Recap

Steelers Training Camp The last practice in shorts was a productive one under blue skies.

The team started with the morning off, and began practice with a walk through, a round of team stretching, and some skeleton drills.

Howlings, Woods, Moore, McNeil, Gilreath were catching punts from the JUGGS machine, while J. Brown, Sanders, and Dunn were catching them on the other side of the field.

Reggie Dunn and Justin Brown were catching punts while holding three balls, and missed while holding 4. An impressive feat. Unfortunately, Dunn dropped a few passes during 11 on 11 drills. A. Brown, Sanders, Wheaton, Dunn, and Gilreath later were catching punts from Butler and Moorman. Notably, nobody dropped a punt. Both punters had a decent day and Moorman was said to be getting some major hang time.

Foster, Pouncey, Gilbert, and DeCastro were wearing knee braces during warmups and individual drills. Pouncey and Gilbert took theirs off for the remainder of practice. Pouncey, Malecki, and Beachum were taking snaps at center during oline drills.

The Offensive Line was working on outside zone technique during 2 man drills. Bicknell was heard yelling ‘you gotta haul ass’ at the linemen. A lot of time was spent working on outside zone techniques.

A lot of focus was on passing to running backs. QB’s worked on drills scrambling and dumping off to backs. Both WJ and Bell had soft hands and quick feet. Redman is garnering a lot of talk from media about his speed and condition this year. Worilds had fans impressed when he ran Redman out 40 yards down the opposite sideline.

Sanders has been a frequent target of Ben’s, and is showing a lot of speed.  Wheaton had some timing issues with his routes a couple times today which led to dropped passes, but he made up for it with a big catch against Shamarko Thomas.

Cortez Allen sat out with a wrapped knee that was causing him discomfort. DeMarcus Van Dyke left practice early with an injured left hamstring.

Tomorrow is the first practice in pads. Coach Tomlin said “it’s the first day of school”.



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