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[Audio] Mike Tomlin’s Final 2013 Press Conference

Mike Tomlin addressed the media earlier today for the final time this year. Reporters asked him about a variety of topics, though he offered little in the way of concrete answers at times. Coach Tomlin wouldn’t say what, if any, staff changes were going to happen during the off season. In regards to the coordinators returning, he explained that it was too early in the process to comment, and added that it’s a long, drawn out process evaluating staff and players. “I don’t want to rush it. I don’t want to make hasty decisions. I don’t want to make emotional decisions.”, Tomlin said about the coaching staff and players.

Tomlin gave praise to his  players for facing adversity. “It speaks to the men we work with. I learned a lot about them, and sometimes you learn a lot about yourself and the people you work with in the midst of adversity. We had enough adversity starting 0-4, being 2-6 at the turn. It’s encouraging to know the type of men you work with that are capable of staying together and continuing to work in the midst of negativity. All of those things are encouraging. There is a lot of reason for optimism and a great deal of pride in this group of men that I work with.”, said Tomlin.

Other topics he covered included the fan base, the Chargers/Chiefs game, injuries and more. You can listen below.


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