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Ben: ‘How Does Anyone Know What I Do At Home?’

Ben was on the WDVE morning show today and he addressed the recent reports by the NFL network, especially last night’s comments by Michael Silver.

Ben emphasized again that he wants to stay in Pittsburgh.

“First and foremost- I don’t want to go anywhere. I want to be in Pittsburgh…I want to finish my career here.”

When asked his thoughts about the source, he said, “When someone is a source, and they are unnamed, they have an agenda.” ‘My agenda is to try to win football games, and I think my resume speaks for itself on what I’ve done in the past…winning football games and championships’. Ben went on to say, “Whoever said this, there’s no way that this is coming from inside the building.”

How insulted are you that you that they are insinuating that you are not working off the field?

“First off, how does anybody know what I’m doing at home when I’m looking through my playbook and watching film. Unless someone has cameras set up at my house and they’re spying on me…then they’d see the truth, that I am doing that stuff.”

You can listen to whole interview below. Enjoy.

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