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Brett Keisel Arrives To Training Camp In Style

Brett Keisel arrived to training camp ready to “construct a championship team”. Last year, Da Beard made his famed entrance on a Kubota tractor. 

This year, he pulled up in a black and gold Hydrema 912 HM dump truck. Donning a #99 construction helmet, the 12 year veteran defensive lineman was a living embodiment for the Pittsburgh Steeler work ethic and the mindset that this team has this year.

“Since it’s kind of a construction zone here I brought my hard hat,” said Keisel. “We are constructing our team. We are excited about this year. I think everyone has written us off but we think we can construct a championship team.”

Keisel told Teresa Varley in an interview today.

I had my money on Brett showing up in a buggy pulled by Clydesdales, or at the stern of  a towed pontoon with fishing rod in hand. This was way better.

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