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Steelers Sign Michael Vick

The Steelers have signed Michael Vick. Vick was in for a visit that lasted a few hours today, and ultimately, signed to a 1 year contract.

Vick is coming off one of his worst years statistically with the NY Jets. There were reports last summer that indicated Jets ownership wasn’t happy with Vick’s effort to compete for the starting job. Vick is 35, and hasn’t played like the Michael Vick of old in a few years. His former coach Rex Ryan was tempted to bring him in recently as their QB situation isn’t very good, but said he thought better of it.

“Our conditions are a little different than most teams,” said Ryan. “And Mike will tell you, he’s not built really for a bad weather quarterback. He doesn’t have great big hands, and the weather affects him some. And he’d be the first one to tell you.”

Fact of the matter is that there really aren’t a lot of options right now in free agency, and the Steelers aren’t comfortable enough with Landry Jones to ride with him and hope for a backup to become available down the road.

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