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Antonio Brown’s Agent Meeting With Steelers, Hopes For New Deal

Multiple news outlets are reporting that super-agent Drew Rosenhaus, who represents Antonio Brown, will be meeting with team officials Friday in Jacksonville. The agent just finished arranging a $65Mil extension with $39Mil in guarantees for TY Hilton in Indianapolis this morning. Rosenhaus hopes tomorrow’s meeting will result in a reworking of Antonio Brown’s contract.

The Steelers are arriving in Florida tonight as they prepare to face the Jaguars for Friday night’s preseason matchup.

Antonio Brown is one of the best receivers in the NFL. In 2012, the Steelers signed him to a 6 year, $41.7 Mil contract extension.  Since then, he’s grown into one of the most productive receivers in the league. Brown was the league leader last year with 29 receptions and totaled 1,698 yards- both of which were team records.

Compared to his counterparts in the league, AB is relatively low paid, especially for his production. He averages just under $8.4 Mil/year- the 12th highest among NFL receivers in terms of APY. The Steelers have restructured Brown’s contract twice already. His remaining cap hits are $9,787,500, $12,037,500, and $10,797,500 respectively.

Should the Steelers give Brown more money right now? The answer is going to vary depending on who you ask, but if you’re asking me, the answer is ‘nah’, and the Steelers aren’t going to.  Why would they? There’s really no incentive for the team to do so. At this juncture, they are just being polite and are keeping the conversation lines open with Brown’s camp. ‘We know you want more money’, ‘We know you’re playing above your contract’s value’, ‘Be patient and keep up the good work’.

There’s no reason to think Brown won’t have another very productive season, and after the season is over, I wouldn’t be surprised if the Steelers are ready to entertain more serious negotiations which result in netting Brown more guaranteed money.

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