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Report: Maurkice Pouncey Won’t Be Charged For Alleged Assault

According to the attorney representing Maurkice Pouncey, Pouncey will not be charged for the alleged assault that occurred in a Miami nightclub a few months ago.

Jeff Ostrow issued the following statement (via the Miami Herald), “As expected, the Miami-Dade Office of the State Attorney has determined that the Pouncey brothers should not be charged in connection with an altercation that occurred at the Cameo Nightclub on July 12, 2014,” said Ostrow.

“This further confirms that the previous claim that the brothers were involved was false and fabricated by individuals seeking notoriety and monetary gain.”

Here is a statement released by the State Attorney’s Office regarding their decision:

“Victims and witnesses advised that the music was very loud and the club was very crowded with a lot of pushing and shoving by many people. The Cameo Club did provide our office with a video, but it was of no probative value, because the room was so crowded that we could not distinguish anyone including the alleged victims or subjects in the video.

In addition, we were provided with many different versions of the incident that raised serious and unresolved proof and crdibility issues. Consequently, we cannot determine whether the injuries sustained by the alleged victims resulted from an intentional and unwanted touching or an unintentional touching resulting from the shoving and pushing of the crowd of people who were in a space too small to accommodate so many.

Consequently, there is insufficient credible evidence to charge Maurkice¬†Pouncey or anyone else with battery.”

While this is good news for Pouncey, there is still a pending civil lawsuit against the Steelers center.

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