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[Audio] Mike Tomlin On The Browns And More

Mike Tomlin was on SiriusXM NFL yesterday talking about the upcoming Browns match up, as well as some of the things that went on during the win over the Jaguars. During the interview, Coach Tomlin talks about some of the things the Browns do well, and how the Steelers are going to need to play 60 minutes of good football on Sunday.

At the end of the interview, Coach Tomlin is asked about the much discussed final pass play to Antonio Brown on Sunday.

“I don’t think it takes away from what we’re doing as a football team at all. We’ve been involved with things like that in the past, even with different players. You know, when Hines Ward was playing for us…it seemed like every week he had some significant streak or things going,” said Tomlin.

“We never get blinded by that…it doesn’t occupy any of our energy or game plan development. We just had an optimum situation there where the two minute warning was on us, we had an opportunity to gather and talk and the game was at hand and Ben suggested we do it.”

You can listen to the rest of that and the full interview below.

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