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Daniel Jeremiah Says He’s Told The Steelers Will Draft Kyle Fuller

NFL draft analyst Daniel Jeremiah was on ESPN 970 with David Todd yesterday talking about various draft prospects, and the possibilities for different teams in the first round. On the subject of cornerbacks, Jeremiah claimed that he’s been told that the Steelers will select Kyle Fuller.

The former NFL scout didn’t say who the source was, but said the person he talked to told him, “if you’re looking for Pittsburgh, and what Pittsburgh’s going to do, I’m telling you right now, they’re going to take Kyle Fuller.” Jeremiah continued, “That’s what some people in the league feel like, just with how he fits with what they do, and the needs that they have. That’s the name I was given.”

While I certainly agree about Fuller’s talents, and how he’d fit schematically, it’s worth noting that he may have been talking to his neighbor, or the guy in line behind him at Starbucks. The Steelers obviously aren’t tipping their hand to anyone. It’s no secret that cornerback is a need, and they’ve certainly shown they believe so too, by hosting several prospects at the South Side.

Fuller is (and has been) one of my favorite corners for the Steelers. While he doesn’t quite get the media hype that Gilbert and Dennard do, he’s really more talented than one of them. A natural football player, Fuller saw time at linebacker, cornerback (both inside and outside) and safety during his career at Virginia Tech. He also played hybrid spots of the three positions.

Here’s my write up on Fuller from the week of his visit with the Steelers. http://thesteelersfans.com/2423/steelers-draft-visits-cb-kyle-fuller-scheduled-week/

Here is the audio from the interview with Daniel Jeremiah.

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