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Arraignment For Ravens RB Ray Rice Pushed Back Until Thursday

The arraignment for Ravens running back Ray Rice, which was originally scheduled for today, has been pushed back until Thursday according to The Baltimore Sun. Rice was originally facing domestic assault charges, but a grand jury indicted him on a more serious charge of 3rd degree aggravated assault- a felony. Rice’s then fiancée was originally charged with the same domestic assault charge, but the charges against her were later dismissed.

Strangely enough, Rice and his fiancée got married a day after he was indicted. If Rice is convicted, he could be sentenced to up to 3-5 years in jail. Personally, I’d be surprised if he served a day in jail if he’s found guilty. While the NFL can (and should) come down on Rice with a fine or suspension, they haven’t done so yet. The league is likely waiting for the legal process to run it’s course before deciding on a punishment.

The grand jury indictment asserts that Rice did attempt to cause significant bodily injury to his fiancée in Atlantic City on February 15th. You can view the indictment here.

Ray Rice Indictment

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