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Steelers Sign Punter Adam Podlesh To One Year Deal

The Steelers have signed veteran punter Adam Podlesh to a one year deal.

Podlesh was drafted by the Jacksonville Jaguars in the 4th round of the 2007 draft. He signed a $10 Mil deal with the Bears in 2011, but was a cap casualty 10 days ago. His performance in Chicago last year left much to be desired. The former Maryland standout finished 29th in the league with his 37.9 net average in 2013.

Look, I know most people aren’t going to do cartwheels over this signing, but it’s risk free, and Podlesh will add a leg in camp competing with Brad Wing this summer. His base salary will be for the minimum of $855,000, but will count only $570,000 towards the cap due to the veteran minimum benefit.

After displacing a low $495,000 salary from the top 51, his signing could potentially move the salary cap needle by as little as $75,000. That number could go up as much as $65,000 depending on the signing bonus. The signing will leave the Steelers with roughly $305,000-$240,000 in cap space.

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