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Things to do in Pittsburgh while visiting for a game

Discussion in 'Steelers Talk' started by Blast Furnace, Jan 6, 2018.

  1. Blast Furnace

    Blast Furnace Staff Member Mod Team

    Oct 16, 2011
    Hi Steelers fans. Here's a list of things for you to do while in town. Kudos to bigsteelerfaninky for a great list.

    I've left the thread open. Please keep reply's only for things to do that you wish to add to the list, so that it is easy for visitors to view.


    I stay at Wyndham downtown and walk through a nice park and then the bridge over to the stadium

    Another excellent option is to STAY AT SHERATON STATION SQUARE AND TAKE THE FERRY OVER TO THE GAME! The ferry is an awesome experience for a first-timer going to a game. The Incline is awesome too, which is also at Station Square.

    Closer to the stadium Theres the Hyatt Place which is a very short walk from the Stadium, but typically more expensive However you won't have to worry parking or getting around and can walk to the game. The Casino is al$o very close by.

    Further from the stadium is the airport hotels. They are cheaper but around 12-15 miles from downtown.


    As an out of towner I was amazed at the store hometown sports they have any and everything steeler that u may want

    They also have steelers sign autographs sometimes on Saturday.

    The Strip- Go on a Saturday for the full experience. Tons of Street vendors . Expect a big crowd and bring a bag to carry purchases. Parking can be tough but well worth it. You can shop for a variety of items, from hand crafted metal to crafted Native American items, not to mention the ton of Pittsburgh sports items.

    Outlet Malls- about 20 miles away in Washington PA.

    Ross Park Mall- Your typical mall with all the typical stores and places to eat. Keep the wife away from the COACH store or your trip will be much more expensive


    I love eating at Peppis

    You have to get u a Rothlisberger there

    (If your heart can handle it)

    Grille 36 and primanti brothers are a must too

    The Strip- There are great places to eat (Kaya, Pamela's for breakfast, Primanti's)

    Station Square- Hard Rock Cafe Joes Crab Shack and Texas de Brazil just to name a few.

    Members here think the best burgers and craft beer restaurant is Fatheads. Brew Gentlemen has really good craft beer/juice bombs if you like those.

    Maybe the best place to eat in Pittsburgh is Gaucho Parilla Argentina

    It's on Penn Ave.


    The Duquesne Incline- If you are visiting Pittsburgh, this is a must! Take the incline up to the top and walk Grandview Avenue. You will see breathtaking views of the city. Make sure you are there when the city is lit up at night.

    Zoo&Aquarium- Fun place to spend a day looking

    at interesting animals. They have a great penguin exhibit and the polar bears are entertaining. It is one of largest Zoo's and has a huge Aquarium with exotic animals. There are some rides for the children and a fenced in area with small animals that you can pet and feed.

    Rivers Casino- Great place for tables games and slots machine. Buffet isn't too shabby

    Sports Venues- If you go in September check out the Pirates and PNC Park it may be the most beautiful park in America. Oct-Jan is hockey season go see the Penguins at the Consol Energy Center.


    And even more from Bobbybiz...

    Shopping in Shadyside. Plenty of small shops in an older upscale section of the city

    The area around the outlet mall is being built up as well. There's a casino and horse racing track across the street if you're into playing the ponies. There's also a Primanti's there as well as a Bufords (Cajun food, same as next to the arena), and a local winery.

    Church Brew Works is cool, but no one has mentioned the Lawrenceville section of the city which is just beyond the Brew Works. Lawrenceville is a great up and coming part of the city with tons to do (eat, shop, drink, movies) all in a short walking distance.


    It was even just recently ranked THE 'coolest neighborhood in America" by Money Magazine.
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  2. jimmyallen45

    jimmyallen45 Well-Known Member

    Jan 1, 2012
    All in the same neighborhood, over by the University of Pittsburgh:

    Visit the Carnegie Science and Art Museums. You will know them by the Diplodocus out in front. There are, I believe, only 2 museums in the USA with more original complete dinosaur skeletons than you'll see at the Carnegie.

    Go over to see the remains of Forbes Field, where there is a plaque by a section of the wall.

    And finally, have a meal at the Dirty O, aka the Original Hot Dog Shop. Order a large fries...
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  3. Sam Leech

    Sam Leech New Member

    Jan 8, 2018
    :wave: Im flying in from the UK and land Friday evening, im only here for the game and fly back Monday evening. This has been a help.. However looking for some fun/busy bars over the weekend for a few beers and get talking to people.. any recommendations? Im Staying University/medical Centre way so any tips would be a great help. (also I see the Pens are at home too, so may look to take that in too)
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  4. jeh1856


    Oct 26, 2011
    Things to do:

    Ride the Duquesne incline.

    Ride a gateway clipper boat.

    Tour the strip district.

    If you are staying for days, the Carnegie museum is good.

    Carnegie Science Center

    Highmark SportsWorks

    National Aviary

    Children's Museum

    View of Pittsburgh along Mount Washington

    The Great Hall at Heinz Field

    Phipps Conservatory

    Pittsburgh Zoo and Aquarium

    Stadium Tour

    Kennywood (In season)

    Just Ducky Tours

    Warhol Museum

    Pittsburgh Zoo and Aquarium

    The Strip District:

    Shopping area along Penn Avenue and Smallman Street from 16th to about 22nd. Produce, fish, Italian, Chinese, Mexican, Steeler Gear, restaurants, etc. It was where the produce yards were years ago. It's a strip of land between the river and a hill.

    Fun to walk around on a Saturday. Most shops shut down midafternoon.

    Things to eat: Cheese Steak at Primanti's, fish sandwich at Wholey's, meat on a stick from Chinese street vendors, tacos at Reyna, Enrico Biscotti, clams, shrimp, oysters at Roland's.

    Parking can be a challenge. Best chance is on Smallman Street and totally avoid Penn Avenue.

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