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Blast Furnace
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Jun 20, 2024 at 8:56 PM
Oct 16, 2011
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Blast Furnace

Moderator, from NY

Staff Member Mod Team
Blast Furnace was last seen:
Jun 20, 2024 at 8:56 PM
    1. steelersrock151
      Blast, leaving early on Monday to go eclipsing, so the Eagles will select at 22-
      1st option- Cooper DeJean, cb, Iowa
      2nd option- Talese Fuega, tackle, Oregon State
      3rd option- Amarius Mims, tackle, Georgia.
      Don’t want to slow it down. Steelers pick in 3 days is flying. We may get to round 4 since there doesn’t seem to be a lot of dead weight
      1. Blast Furnace
        Blast Furnace
        Ok, will do.
        Enjoy the eclipse, don’t go blind!
        Apr 6, 2024
      2. steelersrock151
        Don’t worry. Carpel tunnel.
        Apr 6, 2024
    2. Hawaii 5-0
      Hawaii 5-0
      I have 8 wins so far, yet it only shows that I have 7. even though I picked the KC Chiefs to win it shows it as a loss for me.

      can you please make that correction? thanks
    3. Bob in Canada
      Bob in Canada
      Hi Blast.

      Will you be leading a fantasy draft again this year?
      1. Blast Furnace
        Blast Furnace
        Hey Bob, yes. Going to post right now for people to sign up.
        Feb 27, 2023
    4. ljkjr74
      Sorry Blast Furnace, I completely forgot you already posted this.
      1. Blast Furnace
        Blast Furnace
        No worries, I can merge them.
        Oct 3, 2021
    5. Ravens_Fan_N_Pitt
      I have been a forum member for a while and I do apologize for not being active. I was curouis as to how long I have to wait until the approvals go away or is that a rule for everyone regardless of length?
      1. Hodge likes this.
    6. SteelReal
      Does it take you guys awhile to review and approve posts??
    7. Steelerway8511
      Hey bud is there a way I can change my username? I looked in the settings and tried to edit my personal settings just didn't see username on there. Any help would be appreciated
    8. Disco1981
      Sorry for the outburst, I'm bigger than that...Won't happen again

      Go Steelers!
      1. Blast Furnace
        Blast Furnace
        No worries, I didn't see yours before one of the other mods edited it anyway. The other guy was out of line.
        Oct 14, 2018
    9. Ratkomladic
      Lets see 1 september if Jarvis Jones is still an nfl player :)
    10. Toughtown
      Hey Blast Furnace, I noticed you are from NY, do you watch the games at the Salty Dog Bar/Restaurant in Bay Ridge Brooklyn? I used to show up there after church and watch the games in my suit with some fellas a few years back.
      1. Blast Furnace
        Blast Furnace
        Hey Toughtown, no, Brooklyn is a good 45-60 minutes from me depending on traffic. The Salty Dog I knew was in a town called Huntington, a popular hangout that closed long ago. Wonder if there is any relation to the people who ran it to the place you go.
        Oct 3, 2016
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