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If Rodgers came Here...

Discussion in 'Steelers Talk' started by S.T.D, Feb 12, 2022.

  1. SteelHack

    SteelHack Well-Known Member

    Oct 21, 2011
    I don't mean to high jack the thread but I also don't want to start another Rodgers thread. These are my ultimate thoughts on Rodgers situation

    I'm still not sure a trade will even be required

    The Packers had multiple offers last year and turned them all down

    Rodgers agreed to play for them for one more year.. they reworked his contract... that rework was to make it easier for him to leave this year.

    There are probably only 4 or 5 teams he would go to... his cap hit in GB is 46 mill..... they trade or cut him before June 1st they would have $26,847,138 million in dead money but save $19,297,018, After June 1, those numbers flip.

    If the "Lions" offer 3 first round pickd...Rodgers just says he will retire and the Packers get nothing

    If the"49ers" or "Broncos" offer a 2nd round pick.... the Packers might have to take it if they want to get anything

    Rodgers is on their books until he is not... he can refuse any trade... and just say he is thinking about retiring...or even say he is going to.. then decide to play when camp starts and the Packers would have to start cutting players to get under his cap hit.

    The Packers need to either extend him right away or move him... and he has final say on any trade.... they may be forced just to cut him.

    If they called me and said Aaron wants to play for you. We want 4 picks...I would say GFY. I'm not giving up a lot for a 1 year rental on a guy who keeps talking retirement

    So long story short. I think he is more likely to get cut and sigh a multiple year deal as a free agent with the team of his choice... then cost a fortune in trade

    In order of what I think will hapoen

    1 the Packers extend and they makeup

    2 they cut him

    3 they trade him to the team he wants

    4 retirement

    Now what are his other options

    Buffalo. NO
    NE. NO
    Miami. Yes
    Jets. No. He won't pick jets

    Cleveland. Yes
    Pittsburgh. Yes
    Cincinnati. No
    Baltimore. No

    Tennessee. Maybe
    Jacksonville. No
    Indianapolis. Doubtful
    Houston. He won't pick Houston

    KC No
    Chargers. No
    Las Vegas maybe
    Denver. Yes

    Giants Yes
    WFT. Yes
    Dallas. No
    Philadelphia Yes

    GB. we will see
    Detroit No he won't pick Detroit
    Chicago No
    Minnesota Yes

    TB. Maybe
    Carolina. Yes
    New Orleans Yes
    Atlanta maybe

    Seattle No
    San Francisco maybe
    AZ. No
    Rams. No

    So maybe 5 in the AFC and 8 in the NFC

    CLE... ready to give up on Baker?
    MIA... upgrade Tua.. no state tax. But a bit of a circus currently
    Giants... enough Jones already?
    Minn... could he stay in north?
    Carolina... stuck with Darnold
    49ers... what about Lance?
    TB... follow Brady? FA leaving

    Myself I think the best fits
    Browns, Steelers, Dolphins, Broncos
    Saints.... maybe Phila and WFT

    so 5 to 7?

    Its not as far fetched as some think

    My dark horse is TENN. They could be a SUPER TEAM ala the BUCS

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  2. StillCurtain

    StillCurtain Well-Known Member

    Dec 24, 2018
    Very true especially considering as good as Ben was he never won mvp but did take us to 3 superbowls.
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  3. StillCurtain

    StillCurtain Well-Known Member

    Dec 24, 2018

    Personally I wouldn't consider it a win because for me it's all about the Lombardi's. That being said like already mentioned if your qb is playing good enough to win mvp it's goes without saying your chances of winning the subperbowl improve exponentially.

    I've often wondered how many would give up the no losing season streak and early playoff exits for a couple superbowls.
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  4. thorn058

    thorn058 Well-Known Member

    Oct 19, 2011
    The reality that Packers fans find themselves in now is that it's been 12 years since their last SB win and while there is no question that Rodgers is an elite QB with stats and awards to prove it they have squandered division titles, top seedings and bye weeks for nothing more than Rodgers getting league MVP and ot has begun to sour on them. So the question is if the Steelers acquired him and the same results happen would Steeler fans be ok with it? Personal accolades over title wins.
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  5. shaner82

    shaner82 Well-Known Member

    Oct 16, 2011
    My personal feelings are that McCarthy held them back for many years. I think he's one of the worst coaches in football. I also happen to think the same of Tomlin. I don't want to turn this thread into a debate on coaches, but I do think both coaches held their teams back and will continue to do so. So in my opinion, that has added to the lack of championships over the years

    With that said, every athlete in the world has good and bad performances, with plenty of average ones thrown in. No matter how elite the athlete, they will have a bad quarter, period, game, week, etc. It happens to the best of the best. I didn't get to see the GB/SF game. I don't know if Rodgers played bad or if SF's defence just played amazing. Sometimes the defence wins too, even in a pass happy league. All I know is that you build the best team you can build, typically with the best QB you can get, and you hope it's enough to get the job done when it matters. Having Rodgers on this team would increase our chances, and I really don't think anyone can even argue otherwise. Rudolph and Haskins do not give us a better chance at winning.

    But I also recognize there are cap implications not to mention that Rodgers isn't a free agent. We can't just sign him, and trading for him might be too expensive, to the point that we can't surround him with quality talent. In which case, we're screwed if we do, and screwed if we don't. But I think we all know that's the nature of our team next year. We're not likely going on any deep playoff runs
  6. S.T.D

    S.T.D Well-Known Member

    Dec 23, 2020
    LoL :thumbs_up::applaud:
  7. steel_ben7

    steel_ben7 Well-Known Member

    Nov 16, 2015
    Yea I’m with you there I wanna win Super Bowls and playoff games. I think they need to get younger as well. I’m really hoping they can trade up to 10 with the Jets and take Pickett.
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  8. Brandon556211

    Brandon556211 Well-Known Member

    Sep 11, 2018
    I’m not sure. But I’d rather watch paint dry than Rudolph.

    but seriously no, we’d have to give up too much to get him. I’d rather build up other positions and get a QB when we can. This team went 8-8 with duck and the deer.
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  9. HeinzMustard

    HeinzMustard Well-Known Member

    Nov 18, 2015
    Yeah, but the 2019 defense was much better than the '20 and '21 Ds. Agree on building up other positions and waiting later for a QB.
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  10. jeh1856

    jeh1856 That was my bed

    Oct 26, 2011
    I’ve done this. Although it goes better with a sunset and a beer. And a pretzel.
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  11. DukeDukeDaDaDa

    DukeDukeDaDaDa Well-Known Member

    Sep 24, 2017
    Just found out that Rodgers broke off his engagement to Shailene Woodley. So he doesn't "need" to move to Denver anymore. But I'm sure he'll stay in GB.
  12. The Sodfather

    The Sodfather Well-Known Member

    Nov 17, 2014
    I've felt all along that he's going to retire a Packer.
  13. SteelersFan1234

    SteelersFan1234 Active Member

    Dec 21, 2020
    Rodgers is not going anywhere since Packers hired Rodgers' former mentor so this thread should be locked
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  14. S.T.D

    S.T.D Well-Known Member

    Dec 23, 2020
    You don't have 2 click on it.:shrug::thumbs_up:
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  15. burghfan58

    burghfan58 Well-Known Member

    Oct 16, 2011
    I just read a very insightful article on the Spun about Aaron Rodgers. It is widely speculated that Rodgers will a) Return to the Packers for another season, b) Demand a trade, c) Retire. Wow, this is some very insightful sports journalism. I cannot imagine the huge effort put into this research!
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  16. BigBensBigBong

    BigBensBigBong Well-Known Member

    Dec 14, 2014
    Just read this tonight, Yahoo sports posted 3 hours ago (part of article):

    "Per a source with knowledge of the situation, Rodgers has specific deals lined up with other teams — and those teams have trade compensation lined up with the Packers. The potential moves have been arranged, essentially, with the permission of the Packers.

    The destinations are believed to be exclusively in the AFC. To little surprise, the Broncos are one of them. Other viable possibilities are, we’re told, the Titans and Steelers."

    How the hell are we in the running? Who has this "knowledge of the situation?" What trade comp do we have to put on the table?

    Sounds serious, but I roll my eyes in this click bait world.
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  17. mac daddyo

    mac daddyo Well-Known Member

    Oct 22, 2011
  18. TuRnDoWnForWaTT

    TuRnDoWnForWaTT Well-Known Member

    Jan 1, 2018
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  19. Steel_Elvis

    Steel_Elvis Staff Member Mod Team

    Nov 4, 2011
    I hope not. It’s going to take both the largest contract for a QB ever (in terms of average annual dollars) and significant draft pick compensation to Green Bay. That’s great if the rest of your roster is championship ready, but I see too many holes to fill that will take those cap dollars and draft picks that we would spend on A Rod.
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  20. TuRnDoWnForWaTT

    TuRnDoWnForWaTT Well-Known Member

    Jan 1, 2018
    To me it's worth every draft pick and penny they spend. I am going to assume that it will take at least 3 first round picks to land Rodgers. There is not a single college player out there, that the Steelers could use one of those picks on, that gives you the same chance of winning a Super Bowl that Aaron Rodgers does.

    Financially, it's a big investment, but if ever there was a year to make that investment it is this one. We actually have some money to play with this year.

    I may be looking at the roster through black and gold colored lenses, but I think the Steelers roster is better than people think. Use Free agency to fix this offensive line. Just like when Brady went to the Bucs, free agents are going to want to come here to play with AR, even if they have to take a little less money.
  21. Steel_Elvis

    Steel_Elvis Staff Member Mod Team

    Nov 4, 2011
    Our available cap dollars are not unlimited, and we have starting holes at CB x2, inside LB, SS, OL x2-3, WR, and maybe even DL. We also have no quality depth at RB, OLB. Depth is also a question mark at OL, CB, OLB, DL, and Safety positions. Last year’s roster is not the starting point. Last year’s roster minus a number of free agents who will need to be paid to be retained is the starting point. There are a lot of roster spots that need additions. Maybe you see it as B&G colored and I see it overly pessimistically, but I see needs everywhere. Obviously a team can win a championship without having too talent at every spot, but I think we’re more lacking than most after free agent losses.
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  22. bigbenhotness

    bigbenhotness Well-Known Member

    Nov 1, 2014
    I dunno Rodgers is up there in age. All I know is Rudolph must hate life LOL
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  23. Steel_Elvis

    Steel_Elvis Staff Member Mod Team

    Nov 4, 2011
    Yeah, he’s saying the right things, but he has to be severely doubting the team’s confidence level in him.
  24. Vox Ferrum

    Vox Ferrum Well-Known Member

    Apr 22, 2019
    It would not be prudent to at least show some interest, it would be insane to follow through with it. Rodgers wants to be the highest paid player with guaranteed money. The CAP this year will likely be around 208 million, could be higher but that's the estimate. The highest % of QB against the cap to win a SB was Brady with TB at 12.4 %. The expectation that Rodgers would take this team to a SB, with that cap hit are unrealistic at best, plus the loss of draft capitol could derail this team for years. It worked for the Rams, but they has a lot in place to make that deal for Stafford. We are not in that place. Im.not against being aggressive, but going for a 38 yo QB with that much investment, did not work the last time we tried it, eh?
  25. jeh1856

    jeh1856 That was my bed

    Oct 26, 2011
    He has earned $6MM

    I bet either one of us could learn to hate that


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