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JackAttack 5958
Oct 18, 2011
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    1. burghfan58
      Where have you been? I hope you are doing well?
      1. JackAttack 5958
        JackAttack 5958
        Doing well, b, thanks for asking. I still follow along but stopped commenting a couple of years back, mostly for my own sanity, lol. I wasn’t on much at all for over a year but slowly started revisiting the board. I see a few of my old friends haven’t changed much . I appreciate you reaching out and hope you and your family have a great Christmas.
        Dec 4, 2021
        burghfan58 likes this.
      2. burghfan58
        Thank you. I'm glad to hear you are doing well. Take care and stay safe!
        Dec 5, 2021
      3. burghfan58
        By the way, I know what you mean about keeping your sanity. I've been attacked for sharing an honest opinion and being realistic rather than look at it all through rose colored glasses. I bleed black & gold, but accept we are not going to win a championship anytime soon.
        Dec 5, 2021
        JackAttack 5958 likes this.
    2. jimmyallen45
      Believe me, I remember those days of the other 3 and the promised land very well!
      1. JackAttack 5958
        JackAttack 5958
        I know you do, lol. Of course the big 3 now doesn't have the luxury of the Steel Curtain like the 70s version of the big 3 did. :)
        Dec 11, 2016
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    Being stubborn is a virtue when you're right; it's only a character flaw when you're wrong.
    -Chuck Noll
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