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why the Steelers drafted a small school player in Alex Highsmith:

Discussion in 'Steelers Talk' started by Diamond, May 16, 2020.

  1. Steel Hog

    Steel Hog Well-Known Member

    Dec 6, 2017
    That's my point, no one knows how anyone will really do jumping to the NFL. How did you think Jarvis Jones was going to do? Some #1's bust and other UDFA's are superstars. I get a kick how someone who hasn't played one practice game is the answer to Bungles quest to get into the Superbowl. I look forward to someone like Highsmith who isn't a finished product over players who may have already peaked in college and everyone listens to the hype and sometimes get disappointed. We shall all see what happens, when it happens. I don't believe anything in print unless it passes the eyeball test first.
  2. AskQuestionsLater

    AskQuestionsLater Writing Team

    Apr 21, 2016

    I did not think Jarvis Jones was going to do well at all. I did not like the selection then and really do not like it now; his limited athletic ability being the main issue.

    Regarding Highsmith, his ceiling far surpasses that of Jarvis. Not even close between the two. That said, given how well Highsmith played during his final two seasons at Charlotte, I expect him to trend upward as he has the athleticism and demeanor to do so.
  3. AskQuestionsLater

    AskQuestionsLater Writing Team

    Apr 21, 2016

    So essentially a slightly upgraded Alex Smith?! Sounds fine to me.
  4. Wardismvp

    Wardismvp Well-Known Member

    Oct 26, 2011
    Or a guy from S Carolina St who happens to be going in the HOF this year. Lloyd was one of my favorite Steelers
    He loved physical football and he excelled at it greatly. I have told this story before, I was at
    3rivers for an exhibition game against Packers Lloyd hit Brett Farve so hard at the sideline
    that Greenbay would not put Farve back in. Which is correct in GB thinking. Farve
    wanted no mas of LLoyd. He said fxxk this, this guy is crazy it is an exhibition game.
  5. mac daddyo

    mac daddyo Well-Known Member

    Oct 22, 2011
    Probably depends what they put around him. They have several good safeties on defense. They have a few good wrs. Pretty good secondary, pretty good oline, pretty good rb. If that extremely young staff puts it all together this whole conference will be good. :cool:

    STEELWINDS Well-Known Member

    Sep 12, 2019
    Hey Steel Hog.

    Some folks do not get it that there are good players at all D-1 level schools. There just not enough in the draft to only pick from the SEC per se. Given that, the majority of the NFL is not comprised of 1st and 2nd Round players from the most prestigious NCAA Conferences. The math would just not add up. That is why the draft has to consist of those Rounds 3-7 guys to make up a good portion of our team. Guys from places like U. Charlotte. I like Highsmith. I think the Steelers did their homework on this guy. I hope they did because Dupree may not be around after this season. And in all honesty, I am still not completely sold on Dupree. Yes, he had his best season to date but to say it was "Impressive" would be an overstatement. It was adequate. We will see. I hope he improves on from last season and that Highsmith does develop into "That Guy". This would give us three potent OLBs: Watt, Dupree and Highsmith.

    STEELWINDS AKA The East Side Kid
    Last edited: May 18, 2020
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  7. Steel Hog

    Steel Hog Well-Known Member

    Dec 6, 2017
    Your feelings served you well. So why didn't KC have the same intuition? The draft is a crap shoot anyway and now this year will really be one.
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