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Where does this year's Clemson's team rank this decade?

Discussion in 'College Football Talk' started by saturdaysarebetter, Jan 10, 2019.

  1. saturdaysarebetter

    saturdaysarebetter Well-Known Member

    Jul 24, 2018
    After Monday night’s game that makes nine national champions thus far this decade:

    Where does this year's Clemson's team rank this decade?

    For your reference info here are the national champions for the past decade with who Alabama beat to help with keeping those years/teams straight (at least it does for me):

    2010 Auburn
    2011 Alabama beat LSU
    2012 Alabama beat Notre Dame
    2013 Florida State
    2014 Ohio State
    2015 Alabama beat Clemson
    2016 Clemson
    2017 Alabama beat Georgia
    2018 Clemson

    Some other very good teams from the decade:

    Alabama 2018 lost to Clemson
    Alabama 2016 lost to Clemson
    Clemson 2015 lost to Alabama
    Auburn 2013 lost to Florida State
    TCU 2014
    LSU 2011 lost to Alabama

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