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Turtle Mock 2.0

Discussion in 'The Bill Nunn Draft Room' started by turtle, Mar 16, 2019.

  1. turtle


    Jan 14, 2015
    1. Devin Bush ILB Michigan Not my personal choice but they lost Fort and KC has stated they haven’t adequately replaced Shazier. Big Pro day turnout as well shows interest.

    Reason for change: Had Byron Murphy but they signed Steven Nelson.

    2. JJ Arcega Whiteside WR Stanford 6’3” 225. With the addition of Moncrief, the team got some speed at the position to help out JuJu. Whiteside is a big target, former basketballer and big red zone target which Ben will love.

    Reason for change: After further study on Olshane Ximines, I did not like his physicality or body type for the position and no exper on pass drops that I saw.

    3. Jace Sternburger TE Texas A&M. 6'4" 250 Receiving TE to help with the loss of Jesse James. I liked Dax Raymond a little better but he is 24 and Pitts usually avoids the older prospects. Foster Moreau is more of a blocking TE and I think the 3rd is too high for that.

    Acquired in AB trade, had him as our original 3rd but think he'll go higher.

    3. Corey Ballentine CB Washburn. Developmental CB who has great measurables but I think it will take a 3rd to get him. They need one in the mix with Haden’s age. Everything I’ve read has been positive from speed, turnovers and work ethic. Film has been tough to find except SR Bowl.


    Changed from Sternberger who they took earlier in the 3rd.

    4. Daylon Mack DT Texas A&M 6’1” 320. They need to upgrade the interior def line and spell Hargrave. Mack is a plugger.


    Reason for Change: WR Chase Claypool stayed in school

    5. Keelan Doss WR UC Davis. 6’3” 210. Bigger target to develop, very productive at the smaller school, two time captain, willing blocker and good hands. Perfect in the fifth.


    No previous selection, acquired in AB trade.

    6. Michael Dieter OL Wisconsin. Versatile lineman who has played a number of positions. Captain as a Senior. Pro day interest with OL Coach Assistant Klemm.


    No previous selection, acquired in Gilbert trade.

    6. Cole Tracy K LSU. I think they get some competition for Boswell.

    Reason for change: I had a punter here but they signed Jordan Berry for 2 more years.

    7. Evan Worthington S Colorado. Taller safety at 6’2” and has some versatility. Depth pick.

    Reason for change: Had OL but took a guy in the 6th.
  2. turtle


    Jan 14, 2015
    That first one is what I think the Steelers will do.

    Here's what I would like them to do...

    1. TJ Hockenson TE Iowa. OJ Howard from Alabama went 19 in the 2017 draft so he could be available at 20 still.
    2. Trade Up - Germaine Pratt ILB NC State. If they moved up 10 spots it would cost them their 2nd (swap) and a 4th.
    3. JJ Arcega Whiteside WR Stanford. I still think he'd be available here.
    3. Corey Ballentine CB Washburn - same
    4. Traded
    5. James Williams RB WSU.
    6. An OL and Cole Tracy K LSU
    7. Aaron Williams S Nebraska
  3. Wardismvp

    Wardismvp Well-Known Member

    Oct 26, 2011
    I like the 2nd one Turtle.

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