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Discussion in 'Steelers Talk' started by TOMSTEEL88, Feb 7, 2018.


    NY STEELERFAN Well-Known Member

    Dec 10, 2012
    I feel like we could go after either a SS or a FS with the flexibility of Davis. The problem is how many of the guys out there are going to get big contracts. A year ago KC signed Berry to a 6 year 78 mil contract making him the highest paid S and we all know the top guys each year what more than the last. So the question then become which guys fall to us at a good price, here is a list of guys I feel are worth looking at:


    Boston 25 years old 79 tkl 5 int made 900K last year and has a market value of 8.2(spotrac)
    Joyner 27 years old 49 tkl 3 int made 1.2 last year market value 10.6
    Graham 32 years old 38 tkl 2 int made 1.6 last year
    Pleasant 29 years old 29 tkl 1 int 1.075 last year
    Byrd 31 years old 11 tkl 0 int 900K last year


    Burnett 29 68 tkl 0 int made 6.1 mil last year
    McDougald 27 68 tkl 0 int made 1.8 mil last year
    Branch 31 67 tkl 0 int made 4 mil last year market value 5 mil
    Reid 26 60 tkl 2 int made 2.1 last year market value 8.6
    Vaccaro 26 60 tkl 3 int 2.3mil lasy year
    Gilchrist 29 56 tkl 1 int 3 mil last year
    Wilson 27 55 tkl 1 int 1.1 mil last year
    Ward 31 42 tkl 0 int 4 mil last year

    These are UFA only not touching the RFA's so according to the rankings Burnett, Joyner and Vaccaro are your top dogs so they are the big money guys Then the next level are Boston, Reid, and Gilchrist and I am hoping Boston falls to us. I am also looking at a guy like Byrd who we could sign to take the place of Golden and Wilcox. This imo is where we get in trouble with the whole next man up....we are not talented enough for that. Golden and Wilcox are bad so cut out losses and try and get some cheap talent in here imo a guy like Byrd fits that mold.

    Out with Mitchell, Golden, and Wilcox that would be a 9.6 mil savings. Take that 9.6 and add Boston and Byrd and a draft pick and imo we would be vastly improved in the secondary.
  2. Diamond

    Diamond Well-Known Member

    May 26, 2012

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