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Discussion in 'Steelers Talk' started by mac daddyo, Jul 8, 2018.

  1. mac daddyo

    mac daddyo Well-Known Member

    Oct 22, 2011
    Sutton has been taking safety reps as well as corner. I see him as the new deshea Townsend/ Willie gay role. Does this also mean they are all in on Allen playing strictly corner? Will he also get reps at both? It will be interesting to watch these DBs this year. We have some talent and size to field. Maybe the best group collectively we have seen in a long time.:cool:
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  2. AskQuestionsLater

    AskQuestionsLater Writing Team

    Apr 21, 2016
    More than likely.

    I would imagine thay Sutton is going to be the utility player within the secondary given his versatility and good football IQ.

    Regarding Brian Allen, while he did play a bit of safety at Utah, I do believe that both Butler and Tomlin want to mold him into a quality depth corner. Not many 6'3 corners who can run 4.4s in the league.
  3. Wardismvp

    Wardismvp Well-Known Member

    Oct 26, 2011
    It's time for him to separate from the pack.
  4. steelersrule6

    steelersrule6 Well-Known Member

    Nov 14, 2011
    Leave Allen at CB, we finally got a CB with good size now let's develop him into a contributor.
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  5. mac daddyo

    mac daddyo Well-Known Member

    Oct 22, 2011
    It's good these guys learn multiple spots. With Bradley teaching them I think the learning curve goes way up and knowing what every position back there is doing isn't a bad thing. It actually helps the defense and hurts the offense with our ability to confuse qbs primary reads.:cool:
  6. troybellringer55

    troybellringer55 Well-Known Member

    Nov 17, 2011
    I'm ready for a Bona Fide great player to come from our secondary. It's been a while.
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  7. bigbenhotness

    bigbenhotness Well-Known Member

    Nov 1, 2014
    seems like our whole defense is hybrid. As long as Heyward and tuitt aren't dropping back as a safety I'm cool lol
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  8. bigbenhotness

    bigbenhotness Well-Known Member

    Nov 1, 2014
    although tuitt can play safety better than Mitchell, I'm not being sarcastic either lol
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  9. Daddymac10

    Daddymac10 Well-Known Member

    May 1, 2015
    Really looking forward to watching Brian Allen in SP games. Great potential in a 6'3", 4.4s guy ...Mel Blount potential?? Between Sutton, Burns, & Hayden ...they all seem capable
  10. turtle


    Jan 14, 2015
    I thought I read earlier Brian Allen will concentrate solely on CB. Which makes sense since he is transitioning anyway, no need to muddy the waters.

    Sutton is the heady player/film junkie, he can handle learning both spots. So excited to see how he does this year. Big Sutton fan. I would love for Sutton to challenge Davis at FS.
  11. mcam

    mcam Well-Known Member

    Feb 5, 2017
    We have a lot of young players mixed in with some veteran. Hoping this is a strength of the Steelers going forward. Need to work on our pass rush still or it doesn't matter who's back there if the QB has enough time.
  12. Watt Wack

    Watt Wack Well-Known Member

    Jul 29, 2017
    Didn't they lead the league in sacks last year?
  13. jeh1856


    Oct 26, 2011

    We were also 4th in team defense.

    Somehow neither of those stats helped us win the Super Bowl? Something just seemed to be missing. Timeliness for one?
  14. mac daddyo

    mac daddyo Well-Known Member

    Oct 22, 2011
    Injuries were huge at key positions. Hargreaves, tuitt, haden, sutton, mcdonald.:cool:
  15. bigbenhotness

    bigbenhotness Well-Known Member

    Nov 1, 2014
    smoke and mirrors. playing backup qb's, having shaz, etc inflated our stats. when it came down to it, our Dline got manhandled by jax and linebackers couldn't cover anyone or stop the run.

    eye test + stats = elite defenses. This team couldn't pass the eye test.

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